Thank you for your interest in having a Palmistry Reading.
I need to have some pictures of your hand and some information so I can make as accurate a reading as possible.
The requirements are:
1- Good sharp clear digital photos of your hands as shown in the examples below. A camera phone should have least 12 megapixels . One picture should be a clear photo of your fingerprints. Please include a picture of the thumbs and its fingergprints. It’s amazing how much detail you can see when enlarged on a computer. Another picture should show the shape of the hand and then one that shows the lines close-up. please include shots of the four sides. Try to keep the hand relaxed. And last, include a portrait photo of yourself.
2- Birthdate, Birthplace and the time of birth if known.
3- A list of questions.  The more clear and precise the questions the more clear the answers. List everything in your mind even if it doesn’t seem important. The list of questions helps me to focus into the important issues in your life right now.
4- Payment. The cost of a session is 90 Dollars. Please use Paypal with the address of Please list it as a gift. Thank you.
Please contact me about any questions concerning having a reading.

You will receive from me within one week the following:
A detailed audio analysis report on the shape and lines of your hands.
The answers to your questions.
My interpretations and insights.
Skype session if possible (extra).