Chapter 5 - Collection of Madness
Consciousness is very mysterious and paradoxical. What is perceived through our senses as real is usually not. Truth cannot be known for it is beyond and bigger than the limited perceptions of mind and imagination.
We limit ourselves with our beliefs and concepts because the mind wants the world to be fixed and predictable so it can feel secure. It knows it cannot exist in the unknown.
When a person first enters into the mystery, usually fear arises. A person can ascertain their experience is genuine when fear is accompanied with it.
It appears to our senses that only this three-dimensional world exists; however, existence is multidimensional. There is a dimension of time, which everyone knows, and there is dimension of "no time", which is only known to a few. Split Seconds are a entry into "no time".
Mostly everyone believes mind is the individual mind. In truth, there is no individual mind. There is just mind and it is universal. The feeling of possessing an individual mind is only apparent - mind is collective and impersonal.
There is an aspect of mind called the Collective Unconscious (CU). The CU can be compared to a vast sea of thoughts, concepts and memories, which apparently exist in consciousness. The CU exists because of our persistent belief in its reality. Each one of us is continuously producing and emitting thoughts. Conversely we constantly absorb thoughts from the collective thought atmosphere.
Each nation, each religion has it own milieu. For example, if I meditate in a Christian place, I visualize Christ; in a Buddhist area, the Buddha; in a Hindu area, Krishna, Rama or Shiva. In each instance I touch the particular thought constructs and memories of that particular belief. This is true also with different societies and groups. Have you noticed how we become like people and groups we associate with?
Some years ago I returned to Poona to participate in a ten-day group. One afternoon we experimented with a third eye meditation with around a hundred people. Special vibrational music was played as we linked to- gether physically and synchronized our breaths. After a hour, the energy became strong and intense. Suddenly we were told to stop and link into the third eye. When I did this, I left my body and plunged deep in the Collective Unconscious and the next Split Second.
Split Second 5

Traveling the Collective Unconscious one day,
I came upon a cave entrance
with huge double-arched doors.
The massive doors swung open. Before me
was a small tunnel-like cave,
which led out into a huge space
as far as the eye can see.
Contained in that space
were endless huge square pits,
one after the other.
Inside the pits were rows and rows
of little opaque white oval forms,
each having a head.
The forms were very neatly placed together,
each one moving slightly up and down.
Once in awhile one left, flying away.
Sometimes one returned. I watched
this for a very long time. I began to wonder
if these were disembodied souls.
After a while I was in another realm.
The sky was blue-black like night,
Stars were shining
and I could see a bat flying across
a very bright full Moon.
To my surprise, along came a witch
wearing a long pointed hat,
riding a broomstick.
Suddenly, I entered a room and there
stood Dracula and then Frankenstein, followed by
every monster I’ve ever seen,
imagined or dreamt of in my life.
Everyone looked as they were supposed
to look, as they did in the movies.
At last, I was together with the Devil,
he looked so sinister with his red cape, pointed beard
and slanted eyes.
He began cutting me up, throwing me into the fire,
and proceeded with every known torture,
to continuously kill me in every way
again and again. I began to laugh,
really laugh; it was such a joke.
In that moment, I saw that it was
all papier-mâché, not real,
but just an illusion.
All our monsters, our demons, our fears,
were mental constructs, created
by our collective mind.
I understood Jung’s universal symbols and knew
why the monsters looked exactly as our culture
imagined them to be. The fear of death,
of devils disappeared. I found myself
above this now, in a place I did not know.
I looked down and saw
a battle being fought. Perhaps
it was World War II. Looking further
I saw the American Civil War. I realized
that I was traveling into the past.
With this knowledge I knew I
could turn around and go into the future.
I choose not do this. I returned
and opened my eyes.

There is a very interesting truth that whatever we believe becomes real. If we believe in hell, devils and demons will haunt us even after death. As soon as we see this mind stuff is illusion, a dream, these devils immediately disappear and no longer does this realm have a hold on us. It is a very sad state of the world that 99.99% of the population believes the Collective Unconscious is real. We are all lost in this dream and are suffering for it. One aspect of enlightenment is waking up to the illusions of mind.