Radio Interwiew with Alan Hunter on Transradio, Santa Fe, NM.

I was introduced to Alan Hutner of Transradio, Santa Fe, at a Neem Karoli Baba birthday celebration in Taos, New Mexico in September, 2003. Every Sunday morning Alan directs and narrates a 3 hour radio program interviewing all sorts of people involved in Spirituality or New Age endeavors. A week later I met alan and his wife at his house and gave them both readings. Later in Alan's home studio, we taped a spontaneous interview with no retakes. I would have like to have done the first part over but that was not possible. I was surprised Alan focused primarily on my spiritual journey and only briefly covered palmistry.
We coordinated the timing of the broadcast to coincide with the day I scheduled a book signing at Borders. The book signing was a huge success. Many people who heard the radio broadcast came to borders to meet me and buy my Palmistry book. Every meeting was so heart felt, it was really a lovely day.
Please enjoy the interview.

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