During a long sojourn in the Himalayas, I decided to spend a few hours each day writing everything I knew about Palmistry, as an exercise for my mind.

So every morning, sitting and facing the glorious Himalayan peaks, I wrote whatever would arise in my mind about Palmistry. Some days for hours and at other times only for a few minutes. After a few months, I had accumulated a thick notebook.

Six months later in South India I began to convert my notes into a book, returning to a different isolated area of the Himalayas to complete it, and then submit the manuscript to a publisher.

I offer my knowledge and reflections about the Human Design of Palmistry in a very clear and concise manner. I present only that which I know to be true. None of the information is taken from another book without verification.

In additon, there are interpretations not found in any other book. They came to me over the years and I know they are absolutely correct.

The interpretations are modern yet based on ancient spiritual wisdom. I offer many practical tools to help in the evolution of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Please join me in this wonderful world of Palmistry: